Are you ready to fly for real dollars?

Are you ready to fly for real dollars? Are you ready to fly for real dollars? Are you ready to fly for real dollars?

We are presenting an innovative, cost effective alternative to the CFI to airline pipeline.

Sh_t happens, we pivoted to a different, lower cost non-prof


ATP TimeBuilders is hibernating until the pilot shortage returns, which it will. Our Non-profit flying club is better designed for the current times.

The shortage will return. It is just a matter of time.

The trouble with cfi jobs

  • Timing building as a CFI can delay your career by an average of 2 years
  • CFI hours are limited and wages are low
  • Flying old Cessna's isn't any fun
  • Seniority means everything, and you are behind already

Reaching your 1,500 hours


You Are

  • Aiming to become a commercial airline pilot (ATP)
  • Serious about earning your final 250 to 500 hours
  • Tired of wasting time & money in traditional flight schools
  • Doubtful the CFI path will earn you any money or hours

You Need

  • Consistent and inexpensive flying time
  • New airplanes with modern avionics
  • Professional guidance from current airline captains
  • Comfortable housing & healthy food

We Are: ATP TimeBuilders

ATP TimeBuilders provides scenario-based training that gives you an accelerated, affordable, and structured path to the airlines. Our innovate Flying Camp delivers this by combining modern, efficient aircraft with disciplined crew and aircraft scheduling to maximize your time and minimize your cost.  For real.

  • You will earn 250 hours in just 38 days of Flying Camp
  • You can skip the CFI process entirely
  • You live and learn with our Flight Safety Officers who are commercial airline pilots
  • There is simply no match to this Flying Camp approach

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