Aviator Apartment Complex

We want you to feel at home. Each apartment has a House Master (Retired or Active Flight Attendant) who cooks and manages the students during their stay. This video will give you an idea of where you will be living.



Luxury Apartments

We provide lodging and food 24/7 for all pilots.



  • Pools
  • Workout Rooms
  • Lounges
  • Out door grilling
  • Computers


Sleep Rooms

  • Female and males have separate bedrooms.
  • Private - We schedule your sleep time with a pilot who is on a rest break or flying.
  • Lodging if free for any pilot who is flying more than 60 days (250 Hours)
  • Prefer a private room? You can upgrade (space available).

Buffet everyday!

Live-In Chef - Box lunches for your flights too!

Buffet everyday....No fast Food...Free Coffee/TEA Your food is cooked to order every day. We provide a care free living environment.

Luxury Apartment Living

Your stay should be great!

Make friends, enjoy the Las Vegas strip, sun and fun. We know you are here to fly but we want you to be happy without breaking the bank, so we offer you first class accommodations at affordable prices.