AVWeb reviews the Ranger

Vashon Aircraft wants to revolutionize light aircraft manufacture with the Vashon Ranger, an all-metal light sport aircraft intended to be both a sort of RV for outback flying and a trainer. In this AVweb video, Paul Bertorelli dives deep into the Vashon story, including an indepth report on the factory.

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Vashon Ranger


The Ranger by Vashon Aircraft

The Ranger was selected as our primary trainer aircraft after months of investigations. Vashon's founder, John Torode is also the founder of Dynon Avionics. John's success in the electronics business combined with his love of flying lead to the development of the Ranger. The ranger is the first MADE IN THE USA production all metal aircraft that has sold for less than $100,000. It's 100 hp Continental Engine has a tried and true history of reliable operations.

RANS Aircraft S-LSA Ready To Fly TRIKE


The top of the line RANS aircraft for all around fun flying is the Outbound S21 aircraft. This S-LSA Ready to Fly is the top selling RANS S-LSA. In fact, the expected delivery date is now about 12 months from the time of ordering.