A pilot's 1500 hr journey

A pilots journey to the right seat.

Life is full of opportunity, growing up I always felt the harder we work to achieve our goals there always will become a way to achieve them. I never could imagine I would be here in this position. Becoming a pilot has been one of the most gratifying accomplishments I have achieved. I am grateful, and the more I think about all the opportunity and time those around me have given me and the commitment to see my goals become a reality. I am truly thankful. Aviation and those involved in the industry are unique, intelligent and a leader who accepts responsibility whom many would hesitate. 

I never thought I would be here. In my previous years of work experience I was a stone mason in New Zealand, a farm hand in north Idaho and a welder in Seattle. In Seattle, I was building beautiful towboats. That will serve as staple service for cargo and transportation for the people of Alaska. Aviation never seemed to be an option. I never served in the military as well as I would also be the first pilot in my family history. Upon meeting a good friend and mentor he believed I had the ability to achieve this career. I understood the difficulties and at times there would be times where you would feel defeated and unwilling to continue. I accepted this and continue to stride on this goal. 

Since the summer of 2018 I have started this journey and reached a plateau. After reaching my commercial multiengine rating/complex aircraft endorsement I am going to have to find a way to fund my journey to 500 hours and therefore pursue my CFI. This is a struggle since I now have a huge financial responsibility, limited funds, and have to double my hours to be allowed to be accepted for employment as a low hour pilot. 

The situation is difficult yet my dedication is strong. It is difficult to find the correct path and fulfill my dream. At the moment I am employed full time working in a welding shop in Phoenix, Arizona. On a path of adventure hundreds of miles from my home with my little car and 3 boxes of belongings. I am willing to go and do anything. I been a firm believer in the concept of hard work and good sense of good choices. I hope that somehow someway someone will see and understand my dedication and guide me in the right direction. If someone were tell me I was allowed to prove my dedication and commitment for little or no money, as long as I was flying, there would be a way for me to achieve this. Just need to find the door of opportunity.

This letter is not a letter of pity or someone to feel sorry for my situation. This is not the reason I am writing this now. I only can imagine there are many of low hour pilots across the country who also have found themselves in a similar situation. Found a flight school with the guarantee of fast training, dropped everything with life on hold. For some reason they are unable to get to the next step, life is full of unexpected events. As an organized 61 school that only refers to you as a six digit number and the power to terminate your education. Unfortunately those who are little older, with family, or justified responsibilities are not considered to continue as the other students who live with relatives and are pushed away without any direction. 

"Once finding my way through this I will make sure to pay my knowledge and resources further. To help those who are dedicated and sincere to help the aviation industry continue to strive for a better future. Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have to do it. It is reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundries? ~Amelia Earhart 

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